Thieves Target Audis In Denver

Apr 9, 2021 2 min read
Thieves Target Audis In Denver

They’ve found a simple flaw in the cars’ security…

A group of thieves have been going after Audis with a vengeance in the Denver, Colorado area. While most of the targeted cars a local news station had uncovered were just broken into but the contents weren’t taken. However, one Audi was stolen.

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That stolen vehicle is an AudiQ5 which was sitting in the front parking lot of Berg Performance, a shop specializing in Volkswagens, Porsches, and Audis. Why the car wasn’t parked behind a security gate in the middle of the night isn’t clear.

image credit: YouTube

Using a center punch to break the window, as the thieves rifled through the Audi SUV, they found the spare key in the glovebox. Keeping a spare key in a car is a bad idea, we’re sure everyone knows that. However, Audi has a slot for a valet key in the glovebox, which if you’re going to keep in there should be locked up. Thankfully, the shop only had a spare key in the one Audi, but the thieves tried the gloveboxes in all the cars in the lot, just in case they could take them all. This would indicate the thieves know Audis at least fairly well.

Audis are pretty common in Denver and other cities which get a considerable amount of snow. This could be in part why the thieves are targeting them. While local police claim there hasn’t been a rise in Audi break-ins, another Audi body shop was hit recently. Plus, those two shops have fixed an unusual number of cars after someone has busted the front passenger window to get inside.

As a local news station was at Berg Performance, one of the customers said his neighbor’s car had been broken into the same way.

According to the owner of the shop, Audis are some of the most difficult cars to steal because of all the anti-theft technologies. We don’t hear about many stolen Audis, so he might be right about that. However, if you leave a spare key anywhere in a car and someone smashes the window to get inside, it doesn’t matter. It seems since they’ve been successful in finding one valet key in a glovebox, the thieves are possibly looking to score big again. If you or anyone you know owns an Audi, now is the time to remove the valet key from the glovebox completely, just in case.

Source: Denver7

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