Thief In Mustang GT Tempts The Police

May 31, 2023 1 min read
Thief In Mustang GT Tempts The Police

And he learned a valuable lesson that day…

A lot of car thieves are just plain idiots, and that includes this guy in an S550 Mustang GT as he flees from an Arkansas State Police trooper. Considering the reputation of the state police in Arkansas, we wouldn’t mess around with them to any degree, especially tempting them to PIT us into oblivious. This guy, on the other hand, just had to learn things the hard way.

Watch another police PIT here.

Originally, police in Conway spotted the 2015 Ford Mustang that was stolen in the city and tried pulling it over. The driver, who we’re assuming was also the thief who took it, decided he would use the Coyote 5.0-liter V8 to outrun the cops.

For a bit his strategy worked and Conway police officers struggled to stop him. Then they called in backup and Arkansas State Police decided to jump into the fray. More specifically, Trooper K. Dumont took lead on the pursuit and it’s quickly apparent the Mustang GT driver isn’t nearly as skilled.

As the pony car runs from the police cruiser on a twisting, winding two-lane country road, Trooper Dumont sticks to the suspect like yoga pants on a wine mom. He keeps trying to shake his pursuer but can’t make any real progress even as he switches roads and does reckless things the trooper smartly avoids.

Instead, Trooper Dumont demonstrates a principle many racers know: just because someone has a faster car doesn’t mean they’ll win a race. Skill is a huge factor. A slower car in the hands of a much more skilled driver can lead to faster lap times than a faster car in the hands of a novice. And this car thief certainly isn’t a racecar driver.

Ultimately, the radio was the thing that won this chase, as you’ll see in the video.

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