S550 Mustang Crashes Leaving Car Show

Jul 27, 2022 2 min read
S550 Mustang Crashes Leaving Car Show

It’s that time of the month again?

Ford Mustangs and crashing them while leaving car meets is about as American as apple pie and root beer (seriously, just try getting root beer outside of North America). It’s just a thing that seems to happen all the time here in the States, unlike in Europe where it’s BMWs veering towards sidewalks like there’s a magnetic attraction.

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In this instance, which was uploaded to YouTube back on July 6 but somehow has flown under the radar, we see a black S550 Mustang leaving a car show. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out of the parking lot and onto the public road without incident. The driver doesn’t try doing a burnout or hot dogging it at all, which makes us wonder if they shouldn’t be driving an Accord instead.

Next up is another black S550, only this driver gives into the siren song and floors it while merging into the light traffic. The back end starts to break free, the driver hits the brakes and cuts the throttle, so naturally the pony car keeps spinning, ending up on the sidewalk.

It’s a miracle there was no crowd of people standing where this Mustang wrecked out. After all, they seem to be drawn to groups of innocent bystanders when leaving meets. We hate seeing that happen, but long ago it already became an internet meme the Ford faithful absolutely hate.

Somehow, this Mustang didn’t hit the nearby power pole, which is another common occurrence with the Blue Oval ponies. The theory behind that one is they’re all trying to become electrified because of the Mach-E, although at this point it’s just a theory and hasn’t been scientifically proven.

Ego bruised, the Mustang driver revved his pony up, then limped it away from the scene. A broken piece of the rear fascia trailed behind the car. Likely, the guy (or maybe it was a girl, since so many do drive Mustangs) didn’t want to report the accident to the insurance company since it would’ve meant a lot of trouble.

Check this crash out for yourself.

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