The Petersen Museum Announces Digital Cars & Coffee Event

Apr 16, 2020 3 min read
The Petersen Museum Announces Digital Cars & Coffee Event

Thanks to COVID-19 this is the first of its kind and it could start a new trend.

Plenty of automotive enthusiasts are bored out of their minds, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdown. If you’ve already done all your car projects or need a break from busting your knuckles, The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles is coming to the rescue by holding the first-ever digital cars and coffee event.

The Petersen Museum Announces Digital Cars & Coffee Event

You can be located literally anywhere in the world to participate in this inaugural event. All Petersen is asking is that you submit a link to the video of your car through an online form, along with some of your info and a short story of your car.

The fun part is all those videos will then be compiled into a video which will premier live on YouTube April 26. Since this is open to car enthusiasts everywhere, you’ll of course see some sweet Chevrolets and Fords, but also Citroens, Bugattis, Holdens, and maybe even a SEAT. It’ll be fun to see just what kind of exotic, customized, and rare cars make this 90-minute supercut.

The Petersen Museum Announces Digital Cars & Coffee Event

Even though Petersen is saying you don’t need to get fancy with these videos, you do need to shoot them in landscape. That means hold your phone sideways so you’re shooting horizontally, instead of those dreaded vertical videos we see too often on the internet. Once you’re done, you’ll have to upload the video to Dropbox, YouTube, or Google Drive.

That’s not the end of this event. During the premier on YouTube a poll will be opened up for anyone to vote on the People’s Choice Award. A winner will be announced shortly after and some sort of celebration will be held.

Still, that’s not all to this cars and coffee event. A Petersen Perfection award and Best in Show will also be announced, which will be selected by the judges. And lest you think these awards are simply digital, administrators say they will ship the physical awards to the winners, giving them something to display in their garage or home.

The Petersen Museum Announces Digital Cars & Coffee Event

The Petersen Museum has been holding cars and coffee events every final Sunday of the month for the past eight years. Those events have been free and attract quite the array of vehicles, from muscle to luxury cars, plus big crowds. To carry on the tradition in the age of COVID-19,

To submit your car, visit The Petersen Museum’s online form here.

Photos courtesy of The Petersen Museum

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