Tesla Plaid Leaves Classic Mopar 'Cuda in the Dust

Apr 10, 2024 1 min read
Tesla Plaid Leaves Classic Mopar 'Cuda in the Dust

Drag Race Showdown.

In a clash of automotive eras, a Tesla Plaid and a Hellcat-swapped 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda faced off in a drag race showdown, with surprising results. The Tesla, with its tri-motor AWD powertrain, showcased its electric prowess against the classic Mopar muscle, leaving enthusiasts wondering about the potential of an electrified 'Cuda.

As the drag race unfolded at Showtime Speedway Pinellas Park in Clearwater, Florida, the Tesla Plaid, driven by YouTuber Andrew Lutz, demonstrated its lightning-fast acceleration, clocking an impressive 6.2297-second eighth-mile run at 118.51 mph. Meanwhile, the Hellcat-powered 'Cuda struggled to keep pace, spinning its wheels and ultimately falling short with a 6.6177-second pass at 109.68 mph.

Despite boasting a formidable 707 hp from its supercharged engine, the Hellcat 'Cuda couldn't match the sheer power and torque of the electric sedan, which delivers over 1,000 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. Although the classic Mopar may have had the advantage of lighter weight, it was no match for the instant torque and traction of the Tesla Plaid.

The race also saw the Tesla Plaid take on a 427-cubic-inch fourth-generation Camaro, resulting in another victory for the electric sedan. However, due to a false start by the Tesla owner, the Camaro driver was left dissatisfied despite posting a faster elapsed time.

While the outcome of the drag race may not have been what traditional muscle car enthusiasts expected, it serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of automotive performance. With electric vehicles like the Tesla Plaid pushing the boundaries of speed and acceleration, the future of drag racing promises to be electrifying indeed.

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