This Truck’s Frame Has Seen Better Days

Dec 29, 2022 1 min read
This Truck’s Frame Has Seen Better Days

It’s common knowledge that a rusty chassis is dangerous but this test shows us how far it can go.

Have you ever bought a vehicle without 100% checking to make sure it didn’t have any major issues? Come on, you can be honest. We’re always taught to thoroughly check every vehicle that we may potentially purchase but sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves with a vehicle that has just a couple more problems than we imagined. That was sort of the case for one YouTube channel that saw it as an opportunity for a little bit of scientific experimentation.

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As you can see, answering all of our questions is the Ford F150, an automobile that is supposedly “built tough”. Indeed, may have been well made but overtime frames rust when not taken proper care of. So the owner got hard at work creating the perfect test that would showcase the strength, or lack thereof, of a rusty old pick up truck frame. Typically, at least when dealing with new cars, you might use a test dummy or specifically made device that measures forces like gravity and impact. However that’s just not how things are done in this modern world of DIY YouTubers.

Rather, this content creator decided to take the truck through the roughest terrain he could possibly find and abuse everything from the suspension to the frame itself in an attempt to measure damages. This even went as far as to ram the truck into a tree backwards at pretty low speed. It’s actually really surprising to look at how that particular test turned out because at the speed he was going he might’ve expected a little more than a small dent on the rear bumper. What actually happened was that the entire truck folded into perfectly showcasing why you should always inspect your vehicle's chassis before you go off road.

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