This Supercharged Crown Victoria Is Kinda Wild

Sep 30, 2021 2 min read
This Supercharged Crown Victoria Is Kinda Wild

Oh, and it used to be a cop car…

Far too often old police cruisers are bought and driven around town in dilapidated condition by creepy guys who always wanted to be a cop but couldn’t because of their past record. That’s what makes this supercharged Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor so amazing to see since it’s not falling apart, looks lightly modified, but is actually pushing some pretty serious performance.

image credit: YouTube

No, that last statement about serious performance wasn’t a joke. This former cop car now has a six-speed manual transmission, making it a wonderful oddity. Thanks to the wonders of a Vortech supercharger, the V8 is now pushing a mighty 450-horsepower, which is quite a bit more than what it had under the hood when patrolling the roads. Just as amazing is the fact the 4.6-liter V8 is pretty much still stock, even with the extra 8 lbs. of boost added. In fact, the owner says he’s been running this setup for several years without problems.

To help balance out the additional power and to just make this ride even better, the suspension has been tweaked as well. There are RideTech coilovers and struts, plus beefier sway bars, trailing arms, etc. On top of that there are Wilwood 6-piston brakes in the front. If you’re wondering about the wheels, they’re “Fan Blades” and come off a New Edge Mustang GT.

image credit: YouTube

You’ll note the many references on this Crown Vic to Casper the Friendly Ghost. The most prominent is the vanity plates which read “GHST VIC” but there’s also the blue oval badge on the grille which reads “Casper.” Then there’s the shift knob with a drawing of the little cartoon ghost

This car was built by a company called ADTR and is owned by a guy named Joe. He doesn’t seem like the weirdos who too often buy decommissioned police cars, so hopefully his build inspires some more normal people to customize some Police Interceptors.

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