1975 Dodge D100 Stolen In Rural Canada

Sep 30, 2021 2 min read
1975 Dodge D100 Stolen In Rural Canada

Is anywhere safe at this point?

Per a local report, on September 25 Steinbach Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the Mounties) were contacted about a stolen 1975 Dodge D100. According to the owner, the classic pickup went missing between the evening of September 24 and mid-morning on September 25. Likely the owner didn’t figure he had someone scoping the truck out, but it’s possible he was wrong.

See a group of thieves steal a Hellcat in 8 minutes here.

Likely this wasn’t a crime of opportunity because it took place near Mitchell, Manitoba. That’s a rural area southeast of Winnipeg, so it’s not like Detroit or even Toronto where property crimes are unfortunately common. This is a pretty small, laid-back group of people who might not even lock their doors.

Also, last time we checked, Dodge D100s weren’t super-hot theft items. Sure, they’re probably fairly easy to hotwire, but they’re not exactly a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda. While the owner obviously loves the truck, this isn’t some ultra-valuable collectable everyone and their grandma’s dog dreams of owning, whether through legitimate means or not.

The brown Dodge D100’s theft was investigated and RCMP finally tracked the pickup down. While the report didn’t indicate if there was an arrest made, we hope whoever took it is held accountable. After all, if car thefts aren’t punished, there’s incentive for people to keep stealing.

Most disturbing about this case is the fact even in rural Canada car thefts are happening. It seems like nowhere is safe from this crime pandemic and you really have to ask why that is. There are plenty of theories with many in the media blaming everything on the covid lockdowns. While those probably didn’t help, there’s also the problem of catch-and-release justice systems with judges giving out light sentences to car thieves. Others argue a general attitude of lawlessness is also to blame. Then there’s the chip shortage as well as other materials, making all cars of any age worth more.

Ultimately, this means everyone needs to keep a close eye on their vehicle, even if it’s some old jalopy. After all, thieves might really want it for some quick cash.

Source: My Steinbach

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