Shelby GT500 Thief Jumps From Bridge

Oct 17, 2022 2 min read
Shelby GT500 Thief Jumps From Bridge

Oh great, is another TikTok trend starting?

For the second time in the last two weeks, a thief stole a Shelby GT500 only to run it dry on gas. This time around the incident took place in Brownstown, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Instead of being hit by oncoming traffic like in the police chase in California, this time the suspect jumped from the bridge where the high-value muscle car stalled out.

Stealing Shelby GT500s from Flat Rock Assembly is a proud Detroit-area tradition, as you can see here.

What are the chances that two different Shelby GT500 cases involve a police chase and the suspect running out of gas while crossing a bridge? There must be a glitch in the matrix or something. Either that or this is the newest TikTok challenge we don’t know about because we don’t use the app. If you do, please let us know if this is something influencers are encouraging young, impressionable followers to do.

The kid who was driving this Shelby GT500 and decided jumping off a bridge, landing on the ground some 30 feet below was a good idea is only 14-years-old. In a way we’re not surprised since car theft rings have been recruiting minors because prosecutors go much softer on them. We’re also not shocked that a kid who’s brain is still developing thought jumping off a bridge was a good idea.

Like what’s happened several times before, this kid and some others stole three Shelby GT500s from Flat Rock Assembly Plant. This is such a habitual problem at this point, we’re shocked Ford doesn’t have guards just sitting in the Shelbys until they leave the factory lot.

Anyway, police spotted all three stolen muscle cars and gave chase, locking in on this specific one. What this kid probably didn’t realize is when you constantly floor it in a GT500 or any other supercharged V8 muscle car, the thing drinks gas like a St. Patrick’s Day celebrant.

Ultimately, this teenage car theft suspect sustained non-life-threatening injuries from his fall. When his mother arrived at the hospital police turned him over to her care. We’ll see what few consequences he suffers for stealing a $113,000 car and how soon he’s back on the street doing it again.

Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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