Plenty of people fantasize about living in a mansion, but if you’re a gearhead you want something more than a fancy house. However, that can cause some tension with a significant other who’s solely focused on living space. Fortunately, for the well-heeled shopper looking to move to northwestern Arkansas there’s a property for sale right now that’s beautiful, spacious, and has its own private racetrack.

If you’d rather have a gearhead mansion in Connecticut, check one out here.

It just doesn’t get better than this 1691 Dead Horse Mountain Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas. For a mere $6.7 million you get a beautiful 5 bedroom 6.5 bath 7,764 sq. ft. mansion situated on 393.37 acres. That’s where you get to drive as fast as you want on the 1.2-mile asphalt track which winds around the property, completely eliminating the temptation to participate in street racing.

Just think of the possibilities this property offers. Have your friends over for a barbecue and some racing so you can finally settle whose ride is fastest. Sure, this isn’t a quarter-mile dragstrip, it’s a road coarse with turns, which is fun. If you can afford this place, you can probably also afford to add a drag strip as well and there’s already plenty of room for it.

Not only do you get the track and all that land for expansion, there’s 30,000 sq. ft. of space in shop buildings to store your rides and work on them, no matter what the weather’s like.

The entrance to the property, which puts you on the track, is pretty non-descript, but once you reach the house, you’re presented with quite the view. The real estate listing says this is the largest contiguous tract of land in Fayetteville so we seriously doubt the neighbors are going to complain about the sound of your race cars ripping sick burnouts and drifting through turns.

Oh, and the living space is nice, especially the man cave and theater room. But that track alone is the selling point for this house. Check out the listing for yourself here.

Photos via True North Realty Group, Google Maps

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