S10 Backhands Tesla In Spectator Drags Battle

Apr 1, 2024 1 min read
S10 Backhands Tesla In Spectator Drags Battle

This short-track one-lap race shows exactly why many car people really don't like Teslas.

We’ve all heard the stories of the one dedicated hillbilly builder with a passion for speed taking a truck that cost him less than a $1000 and turning it into something that can beat supercars. In fact, many of us car people with a love for racing are that person as our love for going fast drastically overestimates our wallet’s ability to provide for our hobby. This is how legends are made, start at the bottom with whatever you have and build it into the perfect weapon for your needs. At least that's what this driver must have been thinking when he absolutely embarrassed an electric car on the track.

The racer in question was behind the wheel of a blacked-out Chevrolet S10 which either had a bed cover or was an SUV version. It's hard to really give details about either vehicle as the description leaves a lot to the imagination. Either way, the opponent to this truck-wielding hero was a Tesla model 3 which is considered to be one of Tesla's more rounded out models. For years we have been hearing nothing about how fast and exciting these vehicles are and honestly it all just sounds like talk. Because of this, many enthusiasts really don't like Teslas with many of us swearing off the brand for good.

Once the cars were at the starting position it was time to drive with the Model 3 taking the lead with its instant torque and good acceleration. One thing electric cars will never have is a great sounding V8 engine under the hood which is exactly what powers the S10. Roaring through the gears, the S10 looks for an opening, eventually going inside on a corner and overtaking its competitor. This particular race is a perfect example of why the good ole’ American V8 will never be beaten at its own game of being loud, fast, and fun.

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