Rolls-Royce With A Roll Cage

Nov 15, 2021 2 min read
Rolls-Royce With A Roll Cage

This Rolls-Royce is packing a major surprise under the hood!

Rolls Royce has established itself over the past 117 years as the front-line in British luxury automobile production. For most, this is very justified as it comes from over a century of designing, engineering, and assembling hundreds of top-rated models that provided an extremely comfortable ride and a beautiful style. Classic Rolls-Royces are particularly valuable, just as vintage vehicles usually are for various reasons, the most significant being rarity and history. You can be sure that if it's considered a classic, then the team at Hoonigan will want to get their hands on it. This Rolls Royce shows that incredible determination to be the best of the best of builders in all realms.

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The project first began with a crazy idea to put the powerhouse from the famous Dodge Hellcat under the hood of a Rolls-Royce classic. But, of course, the Hoonigan team has never been one to shy away from a challenge. So they set about completing this great experiment by assembling a drivetrain and affixing it to a complete racing chassis. The bottom half of the car was meticulously designed and fabricated to fit the full roll cage and body right on top. As a result, this four-seater luxury classic car is shaping up to be a swift build.

A lot of work was put into the roll cage, which clings throughout the inner body of the car, adding extra structural rigidity and safety. In its current state, the car's body is in very rough shape, but this is one aspect that is either sure to change or that will add to the personality of this incredible ride. Most Rolls Royces are not very well known for their outstanding performance, but this one will be. According to a member of the build team, the Hellcat engine is capable of producing 1000 horsepower. The build has not been completed just yet, but we're sure that this fantastic car will be spotted ripping through corners and dominating drag strips soon enough.

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