Incredible 1687 Horsepower Supra Pulls Hard On The Dyno

Nov 15, 2021 1 min read
Incredible 1687 Horsepower Supra Pulls Hard On The Dyno

This insane Supra has been built up by the owner to an incredible height.

If you ask any fan of the Japanese domestic market what their weapon of choice in all things from racing, to drifting, to simple cruising would be, they might give you an answer we've all heard before. With an incredible inline-six engine capable of handling some fantastic horsepower figures and some classic JDM styling that you couldn't miss if you tried, we're talking about the mk4 Supra. This outstanding car first became popular due to the use of the 2JZ engine, which had almost limitless tuning potential and allowed car enthusiasts to run way more boost on stock internals. This car is a perfect example of that potential.

Learn the history of the Toyota Supra here.

Under the hood, you'll find what seems to be a 2JZ inline-six powerhouse with a gigantic turbocharger feeding air to the famously strong block. The sleek black exterior is complemented by the low ride height and uniquely designed racing wheels. Those wheels are wrapped in a set of thick racing tires which are completely necessary, especially with the nitrous bottles in the back of this insane vehicle. It is pretty evident that this Supra is pushing out a ridiculous amount of horsepower, but nobody was sure how much until now.

As the team of various helpers began to strap the Supra down and get it ready for a few massive pulls on the Dyno, the guy filming the car thinks back to when this thing ran 200 mph on the ½ mile. Honestly, it is a fantastic car shown with the first pull, which was performed with low boost settings and 93 octane pump gas. The result was an astonishing 1,117 horsepower. Next, it was time to increase boost and run VP race fuel in the tank; this allows the car 1,350 horsepower. Finally, it was time to utilize the Nitrous and, with two guys sitting on the rear hatch to weigh it down, this incredible machine put out 1,687 horsepower to the rear wheels!

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