He’s doing it in the name of fighting climate change…

Like a lot of celebrities, Robert Downey Jr. has acquired quite the expensive and extensive car collection. And despite the guy supposedly just loving his many rides, he’s pledged to give them all away to fund climate change initiatives. This isn’t too dissimilar to Jeremy Clarkson using the beginning of a The Grand Tour episode to “apologize” for supporting the auto industry since it’s allegedly destroying the planet.

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That’s right, the man is reportedly putting his money where his mouth is on supporting stopping the climate from changing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor says this move will be his “legacy.” To promote this dramatic move, the actor is releasing on the Disney+ streaming service a series called Downey’s Dream Cars.

Before giving his car collection away, Downey will have all of them “reimagined” to be more “eco-friendly.” The thought that immediately comes to mind is swapping out the engines for electric powertrains, a very costly modification that’s also incredibly controversial in the hobby. But hey, it’ll make great content for the dwindling number of people who still have Disney+.

Among Downey’s impressive cars is a 1965 Chevy Corvette the actor seems to favor. He also has a 2009 Audi R8, 1974 BMW 3.0 CS built by SpeedKore, and a Ferrari California T.

In The Hollywood Reporter report, the term “unscripted series” is used repeatedly, like a ridiculous amount. We happen to know, as many of you undoubtedly do, that most “reality TV shows” are in fact scripted, meaning they’re actually quite fake. So apparently you can trust this one will actually be real, or at least to not go by a script.

Will this move by Robert Downey Jr. kick off a trend in the car collecting world, or will most people barely notice what he’s doing? Is this a publicity stunt to get the actor back in the news now that he’s no longer playing Iron Man? And what exactly are they going to do to his beautiful cars? We’ll find out when the series launches, or at least people who have Disney+ will.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Images via Facebook

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