Jeremy Clarkson Shows Off His Childhood Diecast Cars

Aug 15, 2023 2 min read
Jeremy Clarkson Shows Off His Childhood Diecast Cars

He obviously loves them dearly…

In case you haven’t been following the latest from Jeremy Clarkson, the former host of Top Gear and current host of The Grand Tour wants to become a real farmer. Supposedly it’s a totally serious, non-publicity-stunt move, or so Amazon wants us to believe in his new series. Whether you want to watch Clarkson plowing fields instead of prattle on about why the Porsche 911 is really just a Volkswagen Beetle, the benefit we receive from this strange career move is a brief tour of the man’s childhood diecast cars collection.

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Whatever you think of the whole farming thing, Clarkson’s childhood diecast car collection definitely isn’t staged. It’s always suspicious when someone has their old Hot Wheels cars they supposedly cherished and played with at the ripe age of 8, yet there isn’t a single scratch on them. That would indicate either some setup staged by some production assistants or that someone was a complete psychopath as a child.

With Clarkson’s toy cars we get a bunch of beat-up and obviously thoroughly loved diecasts. The paint on all of them is far from perfect. In fact, the man says he painted many of them, which is pretty obvious considering they’re wearing multiple interesting colors in some patchwork a child would’ve found absolutely dazzling.

Sure, if these diecast cars were in mint condition they would probably be worth an amazing amount of money today. That’s due in part to the fact that children tend to be pretty rough with their toys, so most were crashed into each other, driven hard on dirt roads made in the backyard, and maybe even set on fire by pyro little children.

This is the endearing thing about Clarkson: even though he might engage in some crazy spectacles to gain attention or entertain his fans, the guy isn’t a complete pretentious, aloof celebrity. His fans absolutely love him for it and it’s easy to see why, especially when compared with so many other automotive commentators out there today.

Check out the quick video tour for yourself.

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