Restored 1961 Fiat Select 1100 Is A Simple Italian Beauty

Aug 18, 2020 1 min read
Restored 1961 Fiat Select 1100 Is A Simple Italian Beauty

Not everything from Italy has to be an exotic.

We love exotic Italian cars as much as anyone else. To hear the wail of a Ferrari at WOT is amazing. Lamborghinis just parked on the side of the road look like they’re going fast. And don’t even get us started on DeTomaso Panteras. However, it’s nice to be reminded that not all cars from Italy are high-powered, ultra-expensive exotics. This fully restored 1961 Fiat Select 1100 is a classic from the country which looks like a boot, and while it won’t win any competitive races this car is still a thing of beauty.

As you can see in the video, this little Fiat look as good as new. Yes, you’re going to have to read some subtitles if you want to understand what they’re saying since this car is located in India. Also, the owner makes it abundantly clear the Fiat isn’t for sale, because he probably gets offers all the time.

One thing that’s really striking about this video is the state of the roads in the area where this guy lives. They’re not the greatest, that’s for sure, so to keep a car which is so low to the ground in beautiful cosmetic and mechanical condition is no small feat. He obviously is quite careful. Also, he likely knows the different pitfalls in the stretches of road around the area, kind of like how you know where the killer potholes or loose gravel is on the roads in your city.

This Dr. Unnikrishnan is quite the car collector. Not only does he have this 1961 Fiat Select 1100, the guy also owns a 1957 Fiat Elegant 1100 and a few Ambassadors. In other words, he’s a fan of little cars from Europe. While it might not be our cup of tea, we can certainly appreciate his enthusiasm for these vehicles and how immaculately restored they are.

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