Purple Rain Chevelle: From Rendering To Masterpiece

May 14, 2021 2 min read
Purple Rain Chevelle: From Rendering To  Masterpiece

This car is a true prince!

From restomods to rust-bucket racers the 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle has been used in just about every kind of build you can think of. The extreme build diversity of the Chevelle platform comes from the fact that the Chevelle is arguably one of America’s coolest cars and thus many different kinds of car enthusiasts can appreciate it. Recently the digital design community has also been dipping its toes in the water of car culture. With such an intimate relationship between graphic design and vehicle innovation, this sort of thing was bound to happen. However, nobody could predict just how amazing this partnership would be.

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Take for example, this beautiful purple Chevelle, code-named “Purple Rain.” These renderings have taken control of the online automotive realm recently for its staunch depiction of a new build that will soon be a reality. With rendering done by @personalizatuauto and inspiration from the glorious ”War Machine” Chevelle, this thing will hopefully be ready to rock and roll in no time. The builder, @evans_cnc, has a passion for Chevelles just as many of us car enthusiasts do and that is very present in this build.

Unfortunately, we don't have any renderings concerning the interior of the vehicle. However, a quick look at the builder’s profile will tell you that he has a real talent when it comes to design. Everything from the halo LED headlights to the glistening purple exterior finish screams aggressive. The extended fender flares create a wide dominating presence and the signature dual mid exit exhaust helps to sell the car's overall aesthetic as a pro-touring beast. This tire spinning monster is also packing a full set of three-piece wheels from New Gen Wheels. Possibly the coolest part about this car however is what could be under the hood. Our first thought is a 454-cid big-block but swapping in something more unconventional could be cool too. This incredible build is designed to give new life to the Chevelle community and we hope to see more of it as it progresses throughout the process.

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