Police Raid Nets Stolen Cars And More

Nov 26, 2020 1 min read
Police Raid Nets Stolen Cars And More

These guys were really busy stealing stuff…

Eventually criminals get caught, although it can take some time. That’s the case with two men in Las Cruces, New Mexico. All it took was sheriff’s deputies responding to information about a stolen RV located at one man’s house and everything about the criminal empire fell apart.

At first, authorities showed up at Marcus Anthony Ortiz’s property to check out the RV. When they arrived, Ortiz fled into his house. While they were in a standoff, one of the deputies recognized a Dodge Challenger in the yard. It matched the description for a stolen muscle car that same deputy took a report for the week before.

There were many other cars and trucks on the property, so deputies started doing some research, concluding that many were stolen. Sadly, many of the vehicles were in poor condition and had to be towed away.

With information collected at the first house, deputies went to a neighbor’s property. There, they say Jaime Lopez Garcia had a Polaris Ranger which had been stolen from the Bureau of Land Management as well as another vehicle stolen from the Federal Public Defender’s office. We’re predicting he’s going to have the book thrown at him.

After executing search warrants, local police detectives and deputies were able to determine many more stolen items were on both properties. Among them were car trailers, another Polaris Ranger, generators, furniture, and tools.

The conclusion is that these two men would go out and steal items pretty much every night. Then, they would stash the stuff on their properties instead of trying to sell anything or ditching it elsewhere. That’s not a great plan, but then again most criminals aren’t exactly the brightest crayons in the box, if you know what we mean.

Thankfully, people are getting their stuff back, if their insurance policy didn’t cover them, although it sounds like most of the things are worse for wear.

Source: Las Cruces Sun News

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