One Barn Find Produces Four Legendary Cars

Jan 6, 2024 2 min read
One Barn Find Produces Four Legendary Cars

This incredibly successful barn find results in the acquisition of 4 amazingly different iconic cars.

Barn finds have meant the discovery of fantastic and often forgotten pieces of automobile history for so long that just the name is synonymous with some of the greatest cars in history. For most people, the idea of a broken down old car rotting away in someone else's garage or front yard just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. However, to a car enthusiast the concept of finding and restoring has been in our dreams since we were children. So, naturally, it is very exciting to see a find of this caliber.

Watch barn finds get their first washes here.

In this lot of forgotten legends these lucky gentlemen happen to stumble upon two beautiful black '60s Chevy Novas. Unfortunately they both came equipped with the straight-six engine and automatic transmission so they aren't as valuable as their V8 counter-parts. However the fact that the cars have been sitting for 55 years means that they’ll have to be restored anyway, surely it wouldn't be too hard to slip a V8 and manual transmission in there. Though the classic Nova is one of the most coveted American muscle cars the boys didn't just come for the Novas.

One extremely lucky find here was the acquisition of a 1972 air-cooled Porsche 911T. Air-cooled Porsches are an extremely hot commodity especially in today's car culture when classic European cars are becoming more and more popular. Due to the fact that the car hasn't been registered since 1995 and that the odometer only reads an almost insignificant 54,000 miles it would appear that the car hasn't been driven in quite some time. With such a rare car, that only has 54,000 miles, and is rising in value, you'd be forgiven for calling this car the “perfect find”. There is one big problem with this car, that big problem comes in the form of a hole in the windshield. Other than that easily fixable flaw, this classic Porsche 911 seems to be a wonderful car.

The last find on this list is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Although this is the oldest car here, and likely has been sitting the longest, the interior is absolutely pristine. Red leather and an aged patina go together like bacon and eggs, this is especially prevalent in this last example. It just doesn't get much more classic than a 57’ T-Bird, the age is shown in every piece of this car and the patina actually contributes greatly to this car's personality. The convertible top seems to still be in good shape but it is close to impossible to tell from a video. At the end of the day this was one of the most successful barn finds one could have hoped for and will continue to live in the dreams of enthusiasts everywhere.

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