Appreciating classic cars is something everyone should enjoy.

Since 1952, Classic Car Club of America has been working to collecting and preserving some of the finest cars from around the globe. The organization also helps educate the public and boost appreciation for the fine craftsmanship found in older automobiles. As technology pushes ahead and we see all kinds of stories in mainstream media about kids these days supposedly not even wanting to learn how to drive, it’s good to know not everyone wants to slam the door on the history of the automobile.

CCCA pours most of its time and energy into a specific range of car model years: 1915 to 1948. That not to say a Packard from 1911 won’t get any attention.

Quite a few CCCA members also belong to the organization’s chartered Region where they live. Each year, Regional Events like region tours and grand classics allow members to interact with one another and have some fun. The regions cover the entire continental United States plus portions of Canada.

Members of CCCA and even other classic car owners can benefit from other resources provided by the organization. For example, there are online classifieds where all kinds of cars are listed for sale, and an online auction that kicks off tomorrow. The site contains articles with tech tips so car owners know better how to restore and maintain their classic rides.

Since CCCA began over half a century ago, the organization has faithfully engaged in outreach efforts. Car shows, The Classic Car magazine, plus CARavans events have allowed people who might not own a classic to interact with the community. There’s also the Classic Car Club of America’s Museum at the famous Gilmore Car Museum, which has been in existence since 1987.

Despite popular misperceptions, you don’t actually have to own a classic car to join CCCA. While the organization says owning a classic car enhances the experience, it isn’t an absolute requirement. Instead, CCCA is all about camaraderie and supporting each other in the goal of preserving excellent automotive history.

Check out their very first online auction now!

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