New York State Auctioning C7 Corvette Again

Jul 15, 2021 2 min read
New York State Auctioning C7 Corvette Again

This is what happens when people don’t pay up…

Back on June 10 we reported that the State of New York had auctioned off a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for just $32,300. The C7, which had been stolen and recovered, went for such a tremendous deal, many readers seemed disappointed they didn’t have a crack at it. Well, it turns out they could have such an opportunity after the person who placed the winning bid didn’t cough up the cash.

Check out the original story here.

As a refresher, this 2015 Corvette only has 31,120 miles on the clock. It’s also equipped with the automatic transmission. Sure, we’d love one with a manual transmission, but plenty of people would still line up for this sports car.

A local report doesn’t specify why the winning bidder didn’t fork over the money, but we’re guessing that person couldn’t come up with it. After all, for that kind of cash you could turn around and sell the C7 Corvette, almost immediately turning a tidy profit. Not finalizing the sale seems like a stupid thing to do.

Originally, this Corvette was stolen from a dealership in another state, something which has become far too common these days. The thieves decided to keep it whole instead of chopping it, using a VIN from another vehicle and installing phony plates on it. This is a criminal scheme known as vehicle rebirthing.

Sadly, someone in New York bought the C7 Corvette and tried to register it. However, the state caught the phony tags and correctly identified the true VIN. That meant the new owner lost the car since it was stolen property. However, the dealership which owned it had filed an insurance claim on the car, so it couldn’t take it back. The insurance company didn’t want it either, so the state became the new owner. Isn’t bureaucracy fun?

The C7 Corvette will be auctioned off by the Office of General Service on July 26, if you’re interested. The auction of it and other items begins at 9:30 am.

Source: Times Union

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