Thieves Have Devised A New Way To Steal Your Car

Oct 20, 2020 2 min read
Thieves Have Devised A New Way To Steal Your Car

Stay on your toes, everyone!

A new report out of Onondaga County, New York shows that in 2020 car thieves are getting even more creative. We’ve already covered how the COVID-19 shutdowns triggered a spike in car thefts, with some areas experiencing more than their fair share of the problem. As the year has marched on, car thefts have increased even more. We’ve seen thieves break into home garages, climb through sunroofs, and steal cars from busy parking lots in the middle of the day. Now, they’re luring victims in and taking their vehicle when they least expect it.

With some people having been laid off or furloughed thanks to the shutdowns instituted by governors and mayors, they’ve been turning to ways to make ends meet. This can include delivering food or groceries through services like DoorDash or Uber Eats. It might be the way someone can make their car payment, but ironically it can also lead to losing their vehicle.

What police in Onondaga County have seen lately is fake food orders through delivery services. We’re not entirely sure how they mask their identity, probably because police don’t want to give pointers to others. Unfortunately, some of the delivery drivers are leaving their car running while they take the food up to the door. Yes, we know that’s a stupid thing to do because it’s allowed the thieves to jump out of a hiding spot and steal the vehicle.

For now, police say this has been happening at apartment complexes. But, as we know, these types of schemes tend to spread and might already be going on in other areas. If you have a car with mods or customizations, your insurance might not cover everything you’ve put into it, so having it stolen is even more of a blow.

Even if you shut off your car, if you have keyless ignition you could still be at risk. Some vehicles will start if the key is still within a certain distance of the vehicle. There are two possible solutions: lock your car even if you’re away from it for only a moment or put your keys in a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, you have to stay on your toes and keep ahead of criminals who are obviously desperate to get your beloved car.


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