Mustang Week Breaks Record At Grand Strand’s Final Event

Aug 3, 2022 2 min read
Mustang Week Breaks Record At Grand Strand’s Final Event

The week was a mixed bag for the attendees and residents who wants the event to leave the area…

Todd Smith, the event organizer of Mustang Week, wanted the event to leave its mark on the area during the last Mustang Week in Grand Strand. The city has made it clear that the event has worn out its welcome, so even with the record, it’s a very bittersweet time for car people.

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“I’ve been attending Mustang Week for 10 years now and I decided to do something crazy.” said Smith “I didn’t even know about the world record. The Mustang 50 was the first time I heard about it. The Charlotte Motor Speedway attempted to break the world record and fell short. I knew at that point I said Mustang week is where we got to do it.”

The previous record was set in Mexico in 2017 with 960 Mustangs. While the crew from Guinness record showed up with cameras and drones in tow, the group failed to break the world record, but they did set a new U.S. record of 660 cars.

“When I got the count, I wasn’t really surprised by it. With the number of registrations with the weather coming out. A lot of these guys don’t want their cars out in the rain, so I get that,” said Smith.

The Mayor of Myrtle Beach, Brent Bethune, took to social media to issue a callout about Mustang Week:

“Please be aware that this is Mustang Week in our area.

This event is NOT a City of Myrtle Beach event.  To our residents and visitors, we apologize in advance for the increased noise.  Our Police will be out full force making sure that our laws are being followed.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!”

Setting the tone up front that the visitors were not being welcomed with open arms.

Bryan Worley, one of the original event founders, shared that the city of Myrtle Beach has decided not to renew the event’s contract to host it at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, and there really isn’t another place to host the event.

“After we got back, we waited a couple of weeks and it was time to renew renewed our contract with the convention center, which is owned by the city. We were told that the city had told the convention center that they were not to renew,” he said.

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