Beautiful BMW 3.0 CSi Being Sold on Bring A Trailer

Aug 3, 2022 2 min read
Beautiful BMW 3.0 CSi Being Sold on Bring A Trailer

This German performance vehicle is a desirable masterpiece of automotive innovation.

For decades, BMW has been a highly respected brand within the German and European automotive industry. Particularly with its older models, the brand has built quite a proud reputation for being one of Germany's best. However, most people like to focus on the 1990s and early 2000s models over the more vintage vehicles. Well, that all changes now as the owner of one stunning BMW from the 1970s steps up to the plate putting his car up for sale on BringATrailer. So what makes this incredible sports car such a legend that it might even eclipse some of the world's most prominent American and Japanese models in the same time frame?

First of all, this is a 1973 BMW 3.0CSI which essentially makes it an ultra-rare sports car with a lot of prestige within the Euro automobile world. Along with looking like a German muscle car with sharp body lines and a strong front fascia, this vehicle also has excellent performance. One of the first things that stands out when looking at this car is the vibrant Golf Yellow, which looks like lime green from a distance. However, whether yellow or green, all most people will see of this car is a flash and blur of yellow as it barrels past them at a reported top speed of around 137 mph.

This was a wild achievement in the early 1970s and is made even more mind-blowing when you consider the ranging oil crisis, which seemed detrimental to many automotive icons at the time. Issues with the conflict of performance and gas mileage were skirted via a 3.0-liter straight-six engine capable of pushing out around 200 horsepower and 201 ft/lbs of torque. Even in 1973, BMW still prioritized horsepower over torque, which led to their ability to provide a driving experience that combined performance and daily driving applications quite well. All of these things add up to a beautiful German sports car that nearly any classic car enthusiast would love to own. That's why you should consider the vehicle for your next automotive purchase and join some of the most significant drivers in BMW history in the process.

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