Survey Says Ford Mustang Is Top Dream Car

Jan 28, 2022 2 min read
Survey Says Ford Mustang Is Top Dream Car

Couldn’t people set their sights a little higher?

Car maintenance product manufacturer Gold Eagle, which you might know for its brand like AlumAseal, Sta-Bil, and Iso-Heet, recently revealed the results of a dream car survey it took. After getting 2,000 people to respond, the company thinks it’s zeroed in on what consumers lust after. We think the results are interesting, to say the least.

Watch a Mustang take out a crowd in Florida here.

According to the survey, the number one dream car is the Mustang. Next up is simply “Tesla” but no model. Then we have Jeep, which we’ll assume is the Wrangler. Fourth is the Corvette, and the Camaro rounds out the top five.

That seems like an okay list, but the claim is that 81% of those who fantasize about owning a Jeep are women and only 19% are men. Conversely, it’s apparently men lusting after a Tesla at 63% versus just 37% for women. Even more curious is the claim of 48% of those wanting a Camaro being men.

Breaking it down by region, supposedly a Tesla is the leading dream car for the Northeast, Pacific, and Southwest. The Midwest and Southeast both long for a Mustang, while the Mountain region wants a Range Rover more than anything. Does anyone else think this is a little… odd?

The Detroit Free Press ran a story about this survey. It spoke with an expert from Edmunds, who said Elon Musk has “converted faithful masses to his gospel.” This expert also thought it was appropriate the Mustang was at the top of the wish list since it’s so traditionally American. Maybe we’re the only ones who think a “dream car” should be something more ludicrous than a Mustang?

Even more interesting, the survey found that most people who identified as car experts selected the Ford Mustang as their dream car. It also found most people who identified as not knowledgeable about cars chose a Tesla as their dream ride. We wonder what people who identify as an attack helicopter would choose.

Check out the survey results for yourself here.

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