Mustang Plows Into Crowd At Florida Meet

Jan 25, 2022 2 min read
Mustang Plows Into Crowd At Florida Meet

It's always a Mustang...

The stereotype of Ford Mustangs hitting crowds at car meets has been reinforced yet again. The horrific event, which took place at Lamborghini Sarasota on January 21 in Sarasota, Florida, was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube. It just shows how low-skill drivers with higher-powered cars and a crowd of people standing on a sidewalk can be a recipe for disaster.

Check out Arnie’s recent car crash aftermath here.

In the video, you see a group of people standing on the side of the road, watching the cars leave the dealership parking lot. Then a black S550 Mustang pulls out of the parking lot, accelerates hard while merging into the center lane with some obviously wobbly steering, and suddenly veers across the right lane, hopping the curb and hitting the crowd.

People are tossed aside by the pony car as if they were bowling pins as others scream in horror. It’s a pretty chaotic yet sadly familiar scene we’ve watched play out too many times. Some people who were hit seemed to be okay, but others can be heard complaining about injuries.

Police are still investigating the accident and details are scarce at the moment, but the sheriff’s office did say it’s issued two citations. For its part, Lamborghini Sarasota has asked participants to not do “revving burnouts, HIGH-SPEED FLYBYS or activities that might be considered dangerous or disrespectful to others.”

Lamborghini Sarasota regularly puts on Lamborghini After Hours meets. People bring all kinds of rides, including muscle cars, imports, luxury cruisers, etc. to show off. As is the case at many meets, people often show off when leaving the parking lot, a practice which has lead to many events getting shut down in different places.

It used to be the excuse given for these types of incidents was that the Mustang had a solid rear axle, making it harder for inexperienced drivers to stop it from oversteering under hard acceleration. However, the Mustang in question is an S550 with an independent rear suspension. We’ve seen other drivers of S550 Mustangs lose control like this, so blaming the suspension and not a lack of skill on the part of the driver carries less weight.

Check out the video (warning: language and violence).

Sources: WFLA, Herald-Tribune

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