Check Out This Modern El Camino

Jan 21, 2021 1 min read
Check Out This Modern El Camino

We detect notes of Silverado…

A lot of people fantasize about what a modern Chevy El Camino would look like. It’s a natural thing to do, considering how beloved the classic car with a payload around back still is today. Plus, there are those who want something which can haul but isn’t as lumbering as a full-size pickup but they don’t want a Honda Ridgeline. Maybe GM would be wise to build an El Camino, but the auto giant seems to be keen on doing unwise things these days, like pulling engineers off the Corvette to work on a new EV, so we doubt such a thing would happen.

Anyway, that’s where this rendering of a modern El Camino comes in. This artist decided to use the new Silverado as a template for the car, but thankfully chopped that two-decker grille up or the result would be scary. So right there we think he made the right call.

The guy also used the shorter bed, which is another good call for the El Camino. We’re not so sure about the rocker bulge since it’s proportionally out of whack on the car, but that’s something which could easily be changed in a pixel portrait.

This work of art was posted to Instagram by wb.artist20. He used the Remington Edition Silverado for his creation, hence the special wheels and other trim differences from other Silverados. That being said, this is honestly one of the better renderings of a modern Chevy El Camino we’ve seen lately, maybe because it drew on the design of the Silverado. Honestly, it looks better than the truck in a lot of ways, especially the grille.

As a funny aside, you might not have noticed the artist kept the CornerStep Bumper from the Silverado for the El Camino. We’re not sure how necessary this design would be on a car, although short people might appreciate it.

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