Mid-Engine Ford Mustang GT Could Be Cool

Apr 17, 2021 3 min read
Mid-Engine Ford Mustang GT Could Be Cool

But Ford would never go in this direction, or would it?

With excitement running high over the C8 Corvette, it seems like everyone is imagining just about every other American car with a mid-engine configuration, including the Ford Mustang GT. That’s what an artist sought to portray in an impressive 3D model. It’s almost like you’re walking up to the fictional car in your driveway, which is pretty interesting considering how detailed the pony car is.

See what a Chevy Corvair with a C8 powertrain would be like here.

The artist, Rostislav Prokop, decided to go one step further in this 3D video rendering. When the video first starts out, you see his take on a mid-engine Chevy Camaro, although his approach is a little different from what we’ve seen recently. Most borrow heavily from the C8 rear but keep the front fascia largely unchanged, even though this one has one aggressive front splitter. The artist does keep the C8 side vents, a styling detail which some Corvette faithful have complained about, which seems to really fascinate many others.

Sitting in the driveway next to the mid-engine Ford Mustang GT is a front-engine C8 Corvette. It makes sense in a weird sort of way, because if we’re swapping around the configuration of the other two, why not do the same with the source of inspiration? It’s wide, with flared-out front fenders and what we can only describe as a huge grin on its face. Again, some Corvette faithful feel GM should offer a front-engine version of the sports car since that’s what it’s always been. But we know GM won’t do that, at least not for a long time.

As for the mid-engine Ford Mustang GT, the artist pulled a similar maneuver he did with the Camaro, borrowing the rear portion of the Ford GT supercar. Seeing that shortened hood with the Mustang front fascia and a big splitter protruding below it is definitely different. This will never, ever be made by Ford and that’s probably not a bad thing.

You really should check out the video. It’s short and interesting, plus you’ll see a few more details that way. Also, let us know what you think of any or all 3 of these car renderings.

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