Memorial Day Car Show Turns Into Bloody Crime Spree

Jun 3, 2022 1 min read
Memorial Day Car Show Turns Into Bloody Crime Spree

This event shows off exactly what happens when an event gets out of control.

Memorial day weekend is a massive holiday for many Americans across the nation due to the patriotic nature of our lovely country. This rule applies across the board, but it can be particularly festive and full of excitement for car enthusiasts. Many car clubs and sanctioning bodies host shows and racing events in honor of the fallen. However, this past Memorial Day Weekend saw hundreds of car people gathering, which ended in tragedy. An unsanctioned car show with humble beginnings turned deadly after some dangerous antics led to multiple arrests and shootings.

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It all started with an impromptu car show which featured several hundred attendees coming together to celebrate the holiday. Eventually, the event got a little crazy as everything from burnout contests to drift events popped up across Chelsea Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. According to Fox 13 News, the event blocked traffic all over the area, eventually leading to the police showing up. After arriving on the scene, officers noticed a woman dancing on the hood of a moving car with crowds forming around her. In a genuinely hilarious display, the officers quickly tackled the young woman off the vehicle's hood, after which she received a seat belt citation along with a charge for the driver who was driving without a license.

By the end of the night, four people had reportedly been shot for seemingly unknown reasons landing all four in the hospital. While the motives are murky surrounding the violence, we know that most of the cars used in the riskier activities were stolen. One Maroon Charger was found doing donuts before speeding out of the car show, at which point the driver crashed less than one mile away from the scene. Two men were arrested at the crash on multiple charges, including reckless driving and drug offenses. This event represents what could go wrong when a fun weekend car show turns into an all-out crime spectacle.

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