Maserati Joy Ride Turns Into 45 Minute Police Chase

Jul 30, 2022 2 min read
Maserati Joy Ride Turns Into 45 Minute Police Chase

Who knew a Maserati would be so good at this?

These days, we hear about stolen cars being chased through the streets by police after a recent and typically forceful "illegitimate transfer of ownership." These vehicles vary significantly in their specifications, but one particular car stands tall among the crowd of typical victims. You guessed it, it's the Dodge Charger; these cars are wildly fast, easy to break into, and profitable to steal with the right skills. However, recently a new vehicle has taken the stage to dethrone the aforementioned muscle car from the top of every thief's bucket list. Who would've guessed that it would be a Maserati?

Learn the bizarre reason this driver gave for super speeding here.

It all started in East Oakland after a group of thieves got their hands on a bright white Maserati and took a spin around town. Eventually, police caught up to the group, leading them on a 45-minute-long car case involving quick turning and hard acceleration in abundance. In what can only be described as the best unintentional Maserati advertisement ever, these thieves swerved and dove through traffic like there was no tomorrow, eventually stopping in North Oakland, where they left the stolen car. It seems sort of pointless to steal a car and lead police on such a lengthy high-speed chase only to ditch the spoils, but we're sure the owner isn't complaining about the questionable decision.

After getting out of the car, the group rushed to a minivan. Apparently, the van had been parked there before the incident by the driver who disembarked the van upon meeting up with the others. Because police hadn't caught up with them yet, it probably would have been better to split up and hide in crowds, but these were obviously not the smartest criminals. Several people thought to be involved were detained, including the van's owner, but the search is still on for the suspects who actually stole the car. Either way, this scheme seems like the blueprint of what not to do when stealing a car, as they left behind the vehicle and several accomplices. It likely won't be long before the thieves are caught, so we'll see how it pans out in the investigation.

Source: abc7 News

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