Cleveland Camaro Driver Has Bizarre Excuse For Doing 120-Plus MPH

Dec 26, 2023 2 min read
Cleveland Camaro Driver Has Bizarre Excuse For Doing 120-Plus MPH

And the cop is incredibly cool about the whole thing…

Just about every cop we’ve ever talked to about the subject has admitted they really hate doing traffic stops. There’s something about the unpredictable nature of them, what with criminals who suddenly just open fire as they approach, combined with other drivers who don’t pay attention and plow right over officers as they stand on the side of the road. Plus, a lot of people are just plain rude to police when they’re pulled over, as if the officer did something wrong and not them. That’s why we’re shocked to see this badge cam footage of a police officer in the Cleveland, Ohio area who was totally cool to a Chevy Camaro driver after he caught the guy doing over 120 mph.

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When the officer told the driver he was going that fast, the guy immediately offers an excuse. Apparently, he was “just trying to take a video” and that meant going well over the speed limit. Even if he was in an 80 mph zone, which we doubt he was, this Camaro driver was hauling.

As the driver explains how he didn’t mean to break the law, the officer just responds with an “it’s alright, it’s cool.” The guy easily could have lectured this young driver about how he might have killed someone, killed himself, and killed his passenger. He could have threatened to arrest him and impound his Camaro. Instead, he just remarks how he has a Mustang and “does the same thing.”

In fact, the cop seems more upset when he finds out the Camaro only has a V6 under the hood. We agree, that’s a horrible offense. Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, etc. should only be sold with V8s. But as they say, there’s nothing faster than a 6-cylinder version of a muscle car.

Of course, this Camaro has a color-changing underglow kit. We were hoping for a long time underglows were a thing of the past. The Fast and Furious franchise in its early days helped spread what was more of a Southern California practice all over the nation and beyond. At one point people were even installing glowing washer fluid nozzles, tire stem caps, and all sorts of other parts. Thanks to the greater durability of LED lights, making your ride look like something out of a carnival is becoming a thing again.

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