North Carolina Man Wins C8 Corvette And Cash

Jul 19, 2021 1 min read
North Carolina Man Wins C8 Corvette And Cash

Plus, it was his birthday…

These days it seems like everyone wants to get their hands on the C8 Corvette. That’s why the NC Education Lottery started offering Corvette & Cash scratch-off cards. Plenty of people buy them, but one North Carolina man won big on his birthday.

Watch some thieves wreck a stolen C8 Corvette here.

Steven Hair was celebrating his 66th birthday with friends and family at a dinner. One of his friends purchased two $5 tickets as a gift. One of those not only was good for a brand new C8 Corvette but also $100,000 cash, making for one sweet present. We can only imagine the excitement at that revelation.

The way the Corvette selection works for the lottery is that a winner gets to choose either a 2021 model or a “current available model” Stingray. That winner also gets to choose options, but the total value of the car is capped at $109,600.

Hair told local reporters he’s thinking of getting his Corvette Stingray in red, which is a good choice. After all, plenty of people dream of owning a red ‘Vette of any generation. There are a few other really great colors for the C8, but it’s definitely up to the man to choose what he gets.

The take-home cash amount Hair received after paying federal and state taxes was $70,751. Getting that much and a new C8 Corvette isn’t bad for a birthday present. The man plans to buy a new house with the money.

Now Hair is entered to win in a second-chance drawing along with all other Corvette & Cash ticket holders. Those winners will get the same prize package. According to the NC Education Lottery website, nobody else has claimed the top prize of a Corvette Stingray and $100,000, so there are still 3 winning tickets out there.

Source; WCCB Charlotte

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