Man Buys Dodge Challenger After Stealing From Mom

Apr 2, 2021 2 min read
Man Buys Dodge Challenger After Stealing From Mom

Does he think he’s Robin Hood or something?

A son is accused of stealing from his elderly mother’s bank account, and he reportedly used that money to buy a 2019 Dodge Challenger. According to a local report in Memphis, it’s alleged Corey Baker took over $356,000 in just over a year’s time. It’s an all-too-common scenario where the child or grandchild of an elderly person takes their money to spend lavishly, instead of learning the lesson of saving, sacrifice, and hard work.

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Police say Baker also took out a $1,000 line of credit while living off his mother’s lifetime savings, instead of getting a job and paying for his own expenses. It’s also alleged Baker’s ex-wife dipped into the stolen funds to pay for a weight-loss makeover.

We get it: Dodge Challengers are cool and depending on what model you get, they can cost a lot. The local news report doesn’t specify exactly what kind of Challenger Baker bought and quite frankly we don’t care. This was a heartless thing for anyone to do and if he’s found guilty in court, hopefully the judge throws the book at him. To take advantage of his own mother, who’s a breast cancer survivor, just to buy a muscle car and avoid working is scummy.

What exploded this case was the elderly woman’s friend and tax preparer noticing money funneling out of the bank account. The woman set up a new account at a different bank, suspecting fraud, but that didn’t stop the son. Realizing what was going on, the tax preparer contact the Tennessee Department of Human Services to report abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.

Since this case is pretty fresh, we have no idea what will become of the Dodge Challenger. If Baker is found guilty it might be turned over to his mother so she can sell it, or authorities might seize and auction it off. Whatever happens, please work hard, save your money, and buy your muscle car with your own cash.

Source: WREG Memphis

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