Lewis Hamilton Wants You To Feel Sorry For Him

Aug 11, 2022 2 min read
Lewis Hamilton Wants You To Feel Sorry For Him

It’s hard having a lot of fame and money…

He may be one of the greatest Formula One drivers to this point, and he’s fabulously wealthy as a result, but Lewis Hamilton has it really rough. As detailed out in a recent Vanity Fair interview, Hamilton has struggled with everything from feeling like he doesn’t fit in with the F1 crowd to getting anxious when he drives on public roads. The man probably cries into stacks of cash every night, drying his tears off on more than the average family hauls in for a year, and somehow falls asleep.

Two years ago, Hamilton said he wasn’t driving his cars to help the environment. Here is a refresher.

That’s right, you’re supposed to feel sorry for this guy and how rough life has been for him, but it’s not entirely obvious why. He starts off in the interview talking about how he’s broken the mold for how F1 drivers are supposed to behave, showing tattoos and piercings, plus having a “personality.” That’s right, drivers who have been famous for signing women’s body parts in the past were stuffy, buttoned-up robots with zero personalities – it’s news to us. Apparently one needs tattoos and piercings to have a personality.

Hamilton has also been asked to not wear jewelry while in his car. There’s a rule against it, and while it hasn’t been enforced by officials in F1 for a while, now they’re asking all drivers to comply for safety reasons. Of course, that means they’re singling out Hamilton because that’s how things go.

Vanity Fair talks about how “Hamilton carried on regardless” because he faced so much persecution in one of the most competitive sports in the world. Most people get chewed up and spit out the back end of F1 racing, but this guy has stood on the podium often and has become one of the most famous racers alive today. So you better feel bad for all the pain he’s had to endure which nobody else on the face of the planet has ever had to deal with, at least not like he has.

Then there’s the wealth issue. He gets stressed driving his collection of exotic and classic cars on public roads because there are bad drivers out there. The rest of us probably don’t feel any anxiety while dealing with distracted drivers because we’re just driving our pleb vehicles and they don’t matter as much as Hamilton’s beauties. As a result, he says he just doesn’t drive that much anymore. On other occasions he’s claimed he doesn’t drive his car collection much because of concerns about pollution, so no doubt he’s been taking sailboats around the world instead of riding in a jet.

There’s no denying Hamilton’s raw talent refined through years of racing at the highest levels. But feeling sorry for him because he’s faced challenges and continues to do so is ridiculous. After all, that’s what we all deal with in life.

Check out the Vanity Fair interview here.

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