Charger Is Turned Into A Petty Blue Plymouth Superbird Concept

Mar 18, 2021 2 min read
Charger Is Turned Into A Petty Blue Plymouth Superbird Concept

Just when you thought 2021 couldn't get any wilder!

The Plymouth Superbird is remembered for being NASCAR’s most infamous competitor. Its aerodynamic design pushed the car to its absolute limits and established it as one of the greatest designs in the sport’s history. Regarded as being so good that it was banned along with its slightly faster twin the Dodge Daytona. The fans just got bored watching the same two cars win every time, any car worthy of banning from NASCAR for being too fast is a car worth remembering. So naturally, someone went to work coming up with a rendering as a sort of monument to the car's insane history.

Check out another Charger coupe rendering here.

Because the Daytona came first and was just a charger with some aero design, our friendly neighborhood artist went to work building off of the current-gen charger platform for both the Daytona and the Superbird. It may not be pretty but it's the perfect way to honor these cars' memories because when they were originally released in the 70’s people hated the design. There was a lot of talk about how ‘ugly’ these cars were, while in the end, the cars took home both the trophy as well as the hearts of the fans.

Due to its off-putting aerodynamic shape, it blew away the competition on the oval, putting cars like the Mustang and Camaro of the time to shame a practice that continues to this day. Dodge has made a name for itself as America's high-performance brand. Models such as the Challenger and Charger along with their respective trim levels like the Hellcat or the Scat Pack have cemented their names in history.

Dodge is a historic brand that makes amazing cars and the fact that these new cars have been transformed into an artistic homage to the classic super muscle cars of the ’70s is indicative of a son honoring the memory of his father. The artist, wb.artist20, has done something truly special and has lit a spark in the hearts of enthusiasts young and old alike.

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