Watch A Guy Flog His Ferrari 488 GTB In Snow

Dec 24, 2022 2 min read
Watch A Guy Flog His Ferrari 488 GTB In Snow

Ferraris were made to be driven, right?

Driving any car in the snow can be a challenging proposition, especially when the white stuff is packed down on the asphalt, forming a nice slippery layer your tires struggle to grip. Having to commute to and from work in those conditions can be downright frightening and incredibly stressful, especially as other people try to drive like it’s a clear summer’s day. On the flip side, as Damon Fryer of YouTube channel Daily Driven Exotics demonstrates, recreationally driving on a snow-packed road can be an absolute blast.

image credit: YouTube

It helps if you have a fun car to drive in the snow and you’re not dealing with traffic. Fryer’s Ferrari 488 GTB looks like an excellent choice, judging by all the fun the man is having in the video. We can say from experience that while so many fear rear-wheel drive for snowy conditions, once you get the hang of it, you might prefer it over front-wheel drive.

Of course, having the right tires is critical, no matter what kind of car you’re driving in snowy conditions. Daily Driven Exotics had Fryer’s Ferrari outfitted with winter tires. Since the rubber compound doesn’t freeze in these kinds of conditions, the tires stay pliant and grippy, making them a game changer. Seriously, if you live where it snows and you don’t have winter tires, you’re missing out big time.

There’s always a risk driving aggressively in snowy conditions, even on a closed track. You need to know what you’re doing, how to get out of a slide, etc. before even attempting something like this. In other words, we’re not endorsing this at all, so if you decide to mimic what Fryer does you’re 100 percent responsible for what happens next.

Now, enjoy the video and stay safe out there, plus buy some winter tires already!

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