Land Rover Defender 6-Time Rollover Is Horrific

Nov 7, 2022 2 min read
Land Rover Defender 6-Time Rollover Is Horrific

This does show how well the new design holds up…

The sad truth is even if you’re a cautious driver, all it takes is someone else pulling boneheaded maneuvers to cost you dearly on the road. That’s exactly what happened to the driver of a new Land Rover Defender which rolled 6 times, all thanks to another driver not paying attention. Life comes at you fast and this is a horrific reminder of that.

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As captured on dashcam footage by a third vehicle, the Defender is driving in the right lane on Interstate 4 in Orlando, Florida when a Mazda crossover a couple of lanes over suddenly cuts over to make an exit at the last moment. We’ve all seen this reckless move performed too many times on highways.

Funny thing is as a new driver, I was taught if you’re not in the right lane and can’t exit safely, it’s best to just turn around at the next exit rather than cut over and possibly cause a huge accident. The Mazda driver apparently was never taught this basic principle, something far too many drivers these days don’t seem to understand.

Probably because there’s a semi-truck blocking the view, the Mazda fails to see the Land Rover until it’s too late, clipping the back of the British off-roader. The impact sends the Defender careening to the left, then the SUV rolls side to side 6 times, the second-to-last violent revolution catapulting the vehicle over the cement divider.

This is the kind of accident which kills people or leaves them horribly maimed. Instead, the person who uploaded the video claims the driver and passenger in the Land Rover walked away with minor injuries. Thankfully, the Mazda didn’t flee the scene, so we’re assuming they picked up a nice citation and maybe had to find a new insurance provider.

These types of videos should be shown to new drivers to illustrate why cutting across multiple lanes to make an exit because you’re not paying attention is incredibly dangerous. Check out the video for yourself.

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