Joe Rogan's Car Collection Is More Than Worthy

Sep 11, 2022 3 min read
Joe Rogan's Car Collection Is More Than Worthy

The comedian has impeccable taste in cars!

Joe Rogan made you cringe with Fear Factor, he made you laugh you with his standup, he engaged you with his podcast, and has a long list of achievements to hang his hat on. With the fame comes the funds to make some serious purchases, and one thing The Joe Rogan Experience host spends his money on is our favorite thing: a car collection. Joe Rogan's car collection has a huge amount of variety, something we tend to appreciate in a celebrity car collection. Here are some of the highlights from the car collection owned by Joe Rogan.

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1965 Corvette Sting Ray

The 1965 Stingray convertible is a stunning restomod that handles and drives just as good as it looks. As seen in the episode, Jay Leno did not take it easy on the car either. It is powered by an LS1 engine with a Magnuson supercharger and puts out a little over 425-horsepower. It sits on a tube chassis and features an independent front and rear suspension with a modern braking system from a modern Grand Sport.

1969 Chevy Nova By Steve Strope

Rogan had his Chevrolet Nova completely redesigned where he had the car stripped down to the bare metal by Steve Strope, owner of Pure Vision Design. This car is no slouch thanks to the addition of Camaro parts. This is another car that Joe lends out to display at car shows.

1970 Cuda The Sick Fish

Dubbed "Sick Fish" by Rogan, this Cuda was dreamed up by none other than Chip Foose, famed car designer. Built by Troy Trepanier, the car is completely modified and is powered by the Chrysler HEMI V8 engine. Rogan often lends the car to be displayed at car shows.

MK IV Toyota Supra

A MK IV Toyota Supra is rumored to be Joe Rogan's first car. It's said that Rogan drove the Supra around New Jersey when he was an up and coming comedian. It's unclear if Rogan held onto the 2JZ-GTE Japanese sports car.

1971 Ford Bronco

Custom modified by ICON, this 1971 Ford Bronco custom is exceptional. The Bronco is covered in matte silver paint with black Ranger trim down the side. More importantly, powering the Bronco is a 5.0-liter Coyote engine, backed by a 5-speed manual transmission.

1995 Toyota Land Cruiser

This is not just any Land Cruiser, this is another ICON build. The exterior has had a pretty major overhaul to give it bolder styling, and a blown 6.2-liter GM LSA replaces the straight-six cylinder.

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