K.I.T.T. Replica Car Blows All Others Away

Apr 30, 2021 2 min read
K.I.T.T. Replica Car Blows All Others Away

What incredible attention to detail!

American movie cars are the stuff of legends, their sleek muscular design and loud V8 engines have given joy to audiences for generations. Among these icons of the action sit cars such as the Eleanor Mustang, the General Lee Charger, and of course K.I.T.T. This was the choice of car for The Hoff in the movie Night Rider. The glossy black Trans Am immediately captured the hearts of young wide-eyed audiences, this picture of high-tech wizardry combined with a car that anyone can buy has also inspired many recreations over the years. However few have ever built a car that resembles the original as perfectly as this one. The attention to detail and commitment to the car has produced an almost perfect replica. Today we’re going to bring you one of the best K.I.T.T replicas we’ve ever seen.

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Our story begins with the owner and builder Chris Blasius. After years of searching for a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, he finally found what he wanted. While the original car had t-tops, Chris had to buy a hardtop Trans Am because the t-top models were notorious for leaking which led to accelerated rusting of the floorboards. Upon obtaining the car Chris immediately went to work converting the roof of the Trans Am to a t-top. Over the course of 2000 hours, the car was built up until it finally met the K.I.T.T. standards. One of the coolest parts of this build is the front bumper, while other replicas almost always have an issue with the front bumper Chris was determined to get it right. He eventually got his buddy to agree to sculpt him a custom front bumper and used Photoshop to overlay the images of the new bumper with the original K.I.T.T. bumper to get every angle perfect.

With thousands of hours of work and god only knows how much money put into the car, it's safe to say that this is perfect. No one has ever made a K.I.T.T. replica car with this level of detail and style. The paint job alone cost $12,000 and the custom dash, which took 10 months to recreate, houses fully functional gauges which totaled a whopping $3,000. This is an incredibly cool car and a wonderful example to anyone looking to build their car be it a replica or otherwise.

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