We’d love to try this thing…

In the automotive world, you’ll hear fans of some smaller vehicles like Honda Civics or Mini Coopers brag about how their ride has a go-kart feel. That might sound odd to the normies whose only experience with go-karts is at some recreation center as they go maybe 25 mph around a tiny figure-eight course. The fact is there are karts which are much higher-powered and thrilling to drive, but even those pale in comparison to the infamous Jet-Kart.

Check out the Corvette Go-Kart here.

Invented by YouTube sensation Colin Furze, a man who has quite the reputation for building downright ludicrous contraptions, the Jet-Kart looks like a really great bad idea. That’s how all wonderful performance machines are, when you really think about it, only production vehicles like the Hellcats or GT500 have a little bit more polish and marketing panache behind them.

For Furze, presentation is somewhat a secondary notion, at least when it comes to his machines. Seeing propane tanks strapped to the side of the Jet-Kart, along with the multicolored chassis and other charming details really gives this build a redneck quality we find charming but others undoubtedly find off-putting.

But what’s really great about this next-level build is the flamethrowers it shoots out the back. We love seeing that sort of thing from Porsches, GT-Rs, Corvettes, Vipers, etc. but it’s the last thing one would expect from a go-kart. This is the best kind of subversion of expectations.

The Jet-Kart was revealed eight years ago, so if it seems a bit familiar that might be why. Since we’ve never covered it before, and we’re in a reminiscent mood, we thought this would be a great time to highlight it. Check out the video to see the thing in action.

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