Barn Find Ford Go-Kart Is A Hot Rod Hiding In Plain Sight

Sep 2, 2022 2 min read
Barn Find Ford Go-Kart Is A Hot Rod Hiding In Plain Sight

What an unusual find…

At first, this machine might look like little more than an old project that never got fully built or some kind of wrecked automobile slowly being repaired after years of sitting. We couldn't really blame you on that part because of the vehicle's dusty condition and distinct lack of pretty much anything other than the mechanical parts still present. However, this highly-noticeable removal of external panels was not an accident. Rather it was all done in an effort to build a wild vehicle the likes of which hardly anyone has ever seen. OVer the years the car might have grown old but it still retains everything that made it special in the first place earning it the most unique V8 power go kart we've ever seen.

It's hard to determine what kind of car this incredible vehicle must have started as though the engine seems to fit the chassis. For a while it looks like the frame might be from a Ltd which would be a pretty cool piece of information to find out. Of course, the original state of this automobile is not the important part to most people who see the car. Rather, the performance of this go kart was clearly the main centerpiece of this V8-powered automobile. This is very clearly seen with the massive engine sitting on the front of the chassis which has probably been sitting there since the car was first made.

While the car may look pretty insane even when it was sitting in the barn, it still wasn't in any condition to drive. When it was in its prime, this vehicle would have been the perfect weapon for any offroader or even track racer despite its distinct lack of protection. Without a doubt, this incredible car is a classic custom masterpiece especially when you look at some of the original designs made by the enthusiast who built it. Eventually we got to hear those shaking boomer exhaust pipes roar with pride once more with power and performance to match its good looks. Lets just say this isn't an ordinary go kart and that's perfect because it is exactly what its original owner wanted it to be.

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