Italdesign Flashes Ducati 860-E Concept

Aug 31, 2021 2 min read
Italdesign Flashes Ducati 860-E Concept

This is quite the restomod bike…

There’s been considerable talk lately about why electric motorcycles haven’t caught on, with adoption rates lower than for all-electric cars. One of many possible reasons cited is that many of the EV bikes just don’t look good. Italdesign seeks to correct that error with the Ducati 860-E Concept and we think it hit a homerun.

Learn about the Ducati café racer used in Tron Legacy here.

Using the 1970s Ducati 860 as a basis, Italdesign took some big liberties in rearranging the looks of the motorcycle. Sure, the many of the lines of the original were preserved, but the 860 was a futuristic-looking bike for the time, especially how the tank seemed a part of the rest of the bike.

However, as you can plainly see from the video, the treatments on this motorcycle are decidedly modern. Most obvious is the big LED halo headlight, a feature we’d like to see on more motorcycles and cars instead of just tiny, clustered or lined-up LEDs solely used in too many headlights today.

Cooling fins on a large case below what would be the tank likely houses the batteries. Just how low they sit in the chassis would have a huge impact on handling, but that information hasn’t been shared at the moment. Instead, we’re left to simply marvel at the eye candy that is this all-electric motorcycle.

As far as electrification for motorcycles goes, it’s more than just a matter of building beautiful bikes like this one from Italdesign. We would expect nothing less from this crew, but we don’t know anything about the specs and what something like this would cost. Not to mention what a production version might be like. Remember, the concepts for many ho-hum vehicles looked really cool, like the difference between how some people look on Instagram versus real life.

We might be waiting a long time for an answer to what a real-life Ducati 860-E would be like since Italdesign current has no plan to bring this to market.

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