There's a crazy story behind this restomod Superbird.

The original Plymouth Superbird was an excellent car for its time because of its highly advanced and innovative design and ability to combine the crazy Mopar powerhouse with some incredible aerodynamics. Under the hood of most of the Daytonas and Superbirds usually sat a massive 440 ci big-block V8. However, some exceptional vehicles came with the 426 ci Hemi V8 engine, producing well over one horsepower per ci. These cars were on the top of their game in the NASCAR series as they began dominating tracks across America. Unfortunately, despite the extraordinary track times and countless wins under the belt of these vehicles, they were practically unsellable due to their "unique" appearance. This has made these cars very rare and, as such, very expensive.

Watch a barn find Superbird get rescued here.

This car is one infrequent exception to that general rule as it boasts the title of the world's cheapest Superbird, according to Hoovie from Hoovies Garage. This is because it sold for a sum of just $130,000, which is extremely low compared to some similar vehicles from the time. Of course, this is because a few significant components of this racer are not original. These include the Hemi engine, which was replaced with a 528 ci Hemi V8 powerhouse, making a ridiculous +700 horsepower. While this car is a beautiful restomod made from one of the most iconic cars ever built, it just isn't worth much in the eyes of many collectors who usually have a very purist attitude towards vehicles like this one.

Many enthusiasts may question the decision to restomod such a scarce and valuable vehicle. However, the reasoning is quite simple as this was one of the original race cars, which means that the potential for crashes was extraordinarily high for this one. This is evident because it was in a T-bone side collision which nearly led to the death and abandonment until the owner decided to bring the car back to life. Of course, this was a risky situation for both the vehicle and its owner, but the machine was finally fixed and eventually given all of the nifty gadgets that it holds now. Nowadays, this vehicle sits in the garage of the famous Hoovies's garage Youtube channel, where it will be kept safe for years to come.

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