Honest Dodge Commercial Is A Little Too Truthful

Nov 28, 2023 2 min read
Honest Dodge Commercial Is A Little Too Truthful

Dodge owners everywhere, we’re looking at you!

Dodge has become one of the most iconic auto manufacturers in America for a lot of reasons. Whether it’s the fact that they built the hellcat, some of the coolest classic cars in history or the Dodge nameplate, Or because of the ratty reputation when it comes to customers, most people will tell you that the brand appeals to them in some way shape or form. Recently, A channel called Dytastic recently uploaded an update to one of their older videos called an honest dodge commercial. So, what’s new with this brand of hilarious marketing strategy?

First, we get treated with the oh so familiar sight of an empty garage as the narrator questions if any of us have ever had a car stolen. A cheeky nod to the recent spree of theft surrounding these vehicles in the last few years, and serves as a clever reminder of one of the brands biggest shortcomings, how easy it is to steal their cars. A lot of this has to do with their computer system and the fact that it’s really easy to get the car in a neutral without the keys. If you really thought that the makers of this video would only be going after the car some selves, then you are sorely mistaken as the narrator states that the worst thing about dodge is its customer base. Hilariously pointing out the fact that many V6 charger owners convert their exterior to hellcat styling in one of the most poser moves in history, viewers are treated to a long list of different dodge drivers.

It’s pretty common knowledge within the American automotive industry that every brand that wears the Chrysler name is just a Dodge rebadged with a different logo on it. If there’s any doubt in your mind about that statement, ask yourself when was the last time you heard of Chrysler or Jeep coming out with an innovative new engine design. For this reason, the splitting of dodge and ram is also pointed out along with the fact that rim literally didn’t change anything about the trucks after breaking off from Dodge. Finally, the most accurate statements in the entire video come down to this “we brought back the muscle car era… but in true Dodge fashion we managed to f*** it up by making this sporty vaccine cleaner” and “Dodge, we’re owned by Peugeot, Fiat, and Chrysler… God help us” which is a great way to end this parody of Dodge fandom. As car enthusiasts, pretty much all of us love Dodge and it’s drivers but when it comes to having as much material to make fun of as possible, dodge will always be number one.

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