This Holden Restoration Takes An Unexpected Turn

Apr 24, 2023 1 min read
This Holden Restoration Takes An Unexpected Turn

Check it out for yourself…

Maybe it’s because we’re gearheads and thus apparently not normal, but we like relaxing by watching people rescue old cars, restore them, do disaster detailings, etc. While it can be great to watch hours of footage of someone taking a vehicle your average person would write off as a complete loss, making it a car everyone admires, timelapse videos like this one of a Holden EK Wagon can be pretty mesmerizing.

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This poor classic wagon was sitting in a field for what we can only assume was decades. It looks to be in pretty bad shape but we’ve seen some vehicles like this get taken all the way to show car condition. That’s fully what we were expecting for the first bit.

The people who took on this project car say they got it from a family member for free. Likely that person was sick of staring at it and just wanted the Holden to be gone. The plan was to document getting the wagon moving under its own power in just a week. We admit those kinds of videos are fun to watch as unexpected problems arise and you find a way to solve them.

Sadly, these guys found as they took apart the Holden that the roof had lost structural integrity thanks to all the corrosion. They claim one of the front seats and doors were essentially holding the roof up and the video seems to back up that claim.

While they certainly could’ve saved this classic Holden with a lot of work, they decided to instead to cut their losses and strip this car of any usable parts. While it’s disappointing the project didn’t work out, we also understand why they decided to give up on saving this particular ride.

Check out the video for yourself.

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