Bronco Needs Chevy For Trail Rescue

May 1, 2024 2 min read
Bronco Needs Chevy For Trail Rescue

Don’t send a Ford to do a bowtie’s job?

One of our favorite YouTube channels is Matt’s Off Road Recovery, which we know is the case with a lot of people these days. It’s definitely entertaining to see Matt and his crew at work as they joke around and pull off some recoveries which seem next to impossible. Just as amusing is to see people get themselves into ridiculous pickles. One of the latest features a new Ford Bronco which went over a sand dune and got stuck in the soft stuff on the other side.

Now, we’re not saying the Bronco got stuck because it’s a Ford. There are plenty of capable off-road Ford builds out there, although Raptors don’t do well in sand either. And we’re not saying it’s hilarious Matt’s driving his modified Chevy Corvair to rescue this Bronco. To be fair, the Morrvair, as it’s called, is obviously heavily modified, a purpose-built machine driven by an incredibly capable man who pilots the Bronco out of the area with true skill. Still, some less mature people would see a metaphor of the rivalry between the Blue Oval and GM and we just can’t stop them from doing that.

However, it’s worth noting this isn’t the first time Matt’s crew has rescued a new Bronco on a trail. We’re not saying they’re not capable machines, but as the old saying goes real off-roaders are built not bought. All these Broncos are seemingly bone-stock, so we can’t wait to see what they’re capable of once the owners start modding them out.

Matt is a pretty fair guy and like many enthusiasts who have owned a little bit of everything, the man is brand agnostic. Earlier in the video as he’s going to rescue a stuck pickup truck he says he doesn’t know what brand it is, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and it doesn’t much matter to him since they all need rescuing. He’s said this before and we have to agree with him despite all the brand warfare which goes on in some enthusiast circles. Yes, it can be fun to jab the “other side” now and then, but we don’t seriously believe one brand is just superior in all ways.

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