Chevy Camaro Breaks Down On California Interstate

Dec 24, 2021 2 min read
Chevy Camaro Breaks Down On California Interstate

This is a metaphor for something…

Video of a damaged Chevy Camaro stopped in the middle of a lane on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles shows the scary reality of driving in modern California. Despite the muscle car having its emergency lights on, multiple drivers narrowly miss it, showing just how inattentive they are behind the wheel. That seems inconceivable considering the state government legislated away driver distraction.

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The Camaro obviously has crash damage. Even though we only see it from behind, you can still spot the front bumper isn’t fully attached and there’s something broken on the front driver’s side axle, judging by the way it’s sitting on the level highway. That’s probably why the driver didn’t pull off to the shoulder, instead leaving it in the lane.

Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, but sometimes these things happen. If other drivers would pay attention to things like flashing lights, they would’ve seen this car in plenty of time. At one point another driver hit a part that was on the road, sending sparks flying.

After watching all the near misses, something which is enough to get your heart really pumping, someone finally gets dangerously close to hittng the Camaro. A red hatchback of some uninteresting variety swerves as the driver tries avoiding the Chevy, their car coming just inches from the Camaro’s passenger side as the tires squeal.

A semi-truck almost hit the Camaro. It had to stop and slowly maneuver out of the way, which amazingly didn’t result in some horrific domino effect. Then a Mustang almost rear-ended it, slamming on its brakes before the driver did almost a 90-degree turn to get around the Chevy. Finally, a couple of fire trucks create a safe haven for the broken-down muscle car, otherwise it was only a matter of time before there would have been a serious accident.

Back when I was a kid, I heard stories about how good California drivers were. I don’t know if they were really all that good or not back in the day, but as an adult I’ve found they’re just as crappy as most drivers in the West, if not even worse. This video is a perfect illustration of how despite all the fancy laws in the state, people there still don’t pay attention when they’re driving.

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