Grub Worm Camaro Becomes The Quickest H-Pattern Car In The World

Nov 21, 2022 1 min read
Grub Worm Camaro Becomes The Quickest H-Pattern Car In The World

Ladies and gentlemen, a new record has been set…

Stick shift is often considered a bit of a dying art form in many regards. The engaging and raw experience of driving a manual transmission vehicle is unlike anything an automatic could replicate. So it makes sense that many enthusiasts choose this form of driving over manual or even sequential gearboxes. Oddly enough, this also applies to racing which is virtually unheard of because of automatic transmission innovations of the last couple of decades or so.

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This man took his opportunity to break past any misconceptions some doubters might hold about the gearboxes. It all started with a white Chevy Camaro with orange racing stripes. This is, of course, no ordinary Camaro as it boasts a mechanic design prepped perfectly for H-pattern drag racing. In total, about 2000 horsepower flows through the block of this full-blown race car.

Once again breaking a world record, this insane racer, deemed the Grubb Worm, recently completed a wild pass. When all was said and done, the car crossed the finish line in just 6.6 seconds at 219 mph. Such incredible speed is nearly unimaginable considering it’s a manual transmission. Despite all odds, the driver was able to set a new record for H-pattern racing. Eventually the record may be broken again but for now this incredible feat will remain an incredible piece of automotive history to be conquered only by the best.

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