Rare and Fully Restored Edsel Pacer Convertible Headlines The Raleigh Classic Auction

Nov 22, 2022 2 min read
Rare and Fully Restored Edsel Pacer Convertible Headlines The Raleigh Classic Auction

Rarity is this car’s specialty…

The late 1950s were a time best defined by their love of crazy unique vehicles. One such brand that practically specialized in the unique and strange automobiles we all know and love. That brand was Edsel, a company that you might not even have heard of. Here’s an example of how this little-known automaker rose to the top of the food chain in 1958.

What you’re looking at is called the 1958 Edsel pacer convertible. A striking car to say the least, this incredible piece of automotive design history quickly became an icon was automotive enthusiasts. They only made about 1876 of these cars which makes it incredibly rare compared to a lot of vehicles made around that time. We know that collectors love rarity which is exactly why you should consider getting behind the wheel.

Finally, the automobile has been restored to its original factory fresh condition or mode yet another check mark in the car's favor. Because of this, the Edsel has been widely celebrated across car shows and even received some awards. All of this doesn’t even mention the incredible 361 in.³ V-8 engine which sits under the hood quite nicely. So you could say that this car really is a middle ground between performance and the sort of unique styling you could only expect from such an exotic car. The only question left now is, who will be its next driver?

Join us at The Raleigh Classic Winter Auction on December 2-3 in Youngsville, North Carolina. To learn more about bidding, consignment and accommodations, please visit https://www.raleighclassic.com

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