Ford Wants To Teach You How To Drive

Sep 19, 2023 2 min read
Ford Wants To Teach You How To Drive

From Burnouts to Drifting, Learn it All.

Ford has just rolled out an ambitious initiative, putting a unique spin on the new car owner's manual for their latest Mustang offering—the S650. Forget about thumbing through a thick booklet to get the most out of your new ride. Ford aims to have you behind the wheel and in control, teaching you all the ropes through its newly-launched immersive driving experiences.

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The program offers a gamut of on-road experiences, from track days and autocross events to drifting training, in an effort to enhance driving skills and potentially reduce crash rates. It's not just about learning the mechanics; it's about making each Mustang owner a part of the car's storied culture and performance legacy.

Access to these real-world driving classes will be provided to anyone who purchases a new seventh-generation Mustang. Ford is even upping the ante by launching an exclusive online portal for Mustang enthusiasts. The portal will serve as a hub where new owners can exchange experiences and tips, and even sign up for national events designed to bring the Mustang community together.

Matt Simpson, Ford's general manager for Enthusiast Vehicles, summed it up best: "The Ford Mustang has always been more than a car. It's a community of die-hard fans, and we want to enhance that by teaching them skills that will make them feel like a Daytona or Le Mans driver."

Arguably the jewel in the crown of these experiences is the Dark Horse Track Attack at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This event promises to be a full day of exhaustive (and exhilarating) driving lessons aimed at making the most out of these iconic cars. While Dark Horse owners have to cover their travel and lodging expenses, the invaluable track experience makes it worth the trip.

But don't think you need the premium Dark Horse trim to get in on the action. Ford extends the invitation to Mustang EcoBoost and GT owners as well, offering them a choice of engaging experiences at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Classes range from line-lock burnouts and drift instructions to track driving, ensuring a tailored experience.

"We believe in the power of the Mustang community, and this is a way to magnify it," said Joe Bellino, Mustang Brand Manager. Though Ford hasn't announced any special perks specifically for Mustang GTD owners, the general thrust of the program suggests the brand is looking to make every Mustang owner feel like part of an exclusive club.

So, if you're eyeing that new Mustang, prepare for a lot more than a test drive. Ford's latest initiative promises to make you not just a car owner, but a part of the Mustang legacy.

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